Find the Right Surgeon for You.

Selecting the Right Surgeon

Medical patients have become better informed. As a result, patients requiring major or minor surgery are increasingly using information to assist in choosing the right surgeon and surgical center best suited to their individual needs.  When faced with the prospect of surgery, consider the following information to select what’s best for you.

  • Board Certification
  • Fellowship
  • Highly Recommended 
  • High Surgical Volume
  • Reputable Practice

Board Certification

Surgical competence is oftentimes represented by a surgeon’s certification from a surgical board that is approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties. Board-certified surgeons have completed years of training and demonstrated competency through experience.


Does the surgeon you are considering have the letters FACS (Fellow of the American College of Surgeons) listed after their name? Fellowship members are those who have proven their commitment to placing the welfare of their patients above all other considerations. It’s a sign of sound moral compass and ethics in the medical industry. You will see that the majority of our surgeons at the Center for Surgical Excellence have earned this recognition. 

Highly Recommended

Sites like, and do not guarantee excellence, however they do allow you to personally and privately review what surgeons have received multiple votes of confidence from his or her peers and patients.

High Surgical Volume

Don’t be shy. Ask questions that will assist in your ability to select the correct surgeon. How many operations like the one you need has the surgeon you are considering performed in the past year? Studies suggest that surgical outcomes directly correlate with heightened surgical volume. At the Center for Surgical Excellence, your surgery is our specialty and you can rest assured that an intern or resident practitioner will not be entrusted with your procedure.

Reputable Practice

Selecting a surgeon who practices at our highly reputable, JCAHO accredited surgical center can improve the quality of your surgical experience by reducing your risk of infection in our top-rated, private surgical facilities. 

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