We Keep it Simple.

What is all inclusive Pricing?

The Center for Surgical Excellence practices transparency in health care. We use all-inclusive pricing to help ensure that you are fully informed and aware of the surgeons, procedures and pricing available to you.

What Does All-Inclusive Pricing Mean for You?

By providing convenient access to pertinent information pertaining to the cost and quality of care available to you at Center for Surgical Excellence before scheduling a procedure with us, you are able to choose the best care at the best price.

Why Go All-Inclusive?

By posting our all-inclusive pricing and guaranteeing no hidden fees or unexpected, additional costs, the expectations of transparency in health care services become elevated in the Powder River Basin. No one should be in the dark when confronted with a situation that can directly impact his or her health and finances. Operating as a private surgery center with national accreditation (owned in part by the experienced physicians and surgeons practicing here), Center for Surgical Excellence is not only committed to excellence in care and cost, but also built upon it and guided by it.

Your Alternative in Local Health Care

Our founders identified a need for strengthened patient relationships and experiences. A shared belief in offering and advertising fair pricing on quality care in a safe, controlled environment conducive to positive surgical experiences with skilled surgeons is the foundation upon which Center for Surgical Excellence operates. We are actively working in a collaborative effort to bridge the gap between patients and expanded access to clear information pertaining to health care procedures, costs and options.

You deserve to know that you not only have a choice in your own health care, but also that there are options regarding where to schedule surgery, who to trust as your surgeon and how to shop for the best price and value. 

Save on your Surgery.

Gillette’s Center for Surgical Excellence adopts Price Honesty phenomenon popularized by the Surgery Center of Oklahoma to stop exploiting healthcare costs and start sharing savings with patients through price transparency traditional hospitals don't offer.

— The Center For Surgical Excellence

Whats Included in All-Inclusive?

  • Facility Fees
  • Surgeon's Fees
  • Anesthesiologist's Fees
  • Initial Surgeon's Consultation
  • Routine Postoperative Follow-Up Care

Our all-inclusive pricing is just one of the many tools we use at Center for Surgical Excellence to ensure that you are provided all of the information you need and options available to you to make informed decisions about your health care. It works because no one knows what’s most important to you (i.e.; reduced cost, high success rates or low risk of infection), better than you do.   

What’s Not Included?

It is the aim of Center for Surgical Excellence that our all-inclusive pricing be as easy to understand as possible. For your convenience and consideration, a list of what is not included in our pricing is as follows:

Diagnostic Studies Necessary Prior to Surgery (Lab, MRI, X-Ray, PT)

Hardware or Implants (i.e.; Plates, Screws) Cost will be provided prior to surgery but subsequent to surgical consultation. Our knowledgeable surgical staff is experienced with the hardware and implants needs associated with individual patients and procedures. The cost of these items is provided to you at invoice cost without markups and copies of the invoices are always provided for your records.

Lodging and Travel Expenses

Although Center for Surgical Excellence is in no way responsible for any expenses or fees resulting from lodging or travel associated with your procedure, our friendly Gillette-based administrative staff is always happy to make local accommodation recommendations to assist in making your surgical experience with us as positive and stress free as possible.

Unforeseen Complications

Expenses or fees resulting from complications subsequent to the completion of your procedure and discharge from our care are not included.

Transparency in All Things

At the Center for Surgical Excellence, we endorse the practice of transparency. Including what’s not included in our all-inclusive pricing (listed above) and our pricing disclaimer (listed below). We don’t believe in hiding behind small-sized text or hard-to-read fonts. So you won’t find that here.

We’d like you to know the following when considering a partnership with us:

The available procedures included on our website are listed in full.  However, if you do not see the procedure you feel you need, we encourage you to contact our offices. If we cannot assist you directly, we will always direct you towards who can.

  • All-Inclusive Pricing listed on our website is not negotiable.
  • All-Inclusive Pricing is available to all patients who pay in full and in advance.
  • Additional payment options are available and we hope to visit with you regarding your need. However, reduced rates represented by the all-inclusive pricing listed on our website may not apply.

If you are scheduled for surgery with us and we are filing insurance for you on your behalf, please be advised that the prices listed on this website do not apply to you.